Slow...very slow

I apologize if this has already been brought up. Dorico 3 seems to get slower (in terms of refreshing data/updating input) every day. Has anyone else experienced this? I have a fairly powerful machine so I’m somewhat baffled on this one.


“Fairly powerful” is relative - with Dorico, it seems to be number of cores that really affect it, and of course project size (number of flows, number of instruments, number of bars, number of overrides).

See for guidance on how best to keep Dorico running smoothly. All of this was written with Dorico 2 in mind, but as far as I can tell it all still applies to Dorico 3.

This is maybe a general advice, but in my case Dorico was sluggish and it improved by cleaning up space in the hard drive (it had 10-20GB out of 500GB free in an SSD). Now it has around 90GB and Dorico is snappy again most of the time.

Post your following information in any case of asking such question.

  1. your computer hardware component specs, as detailed as possible. If mac computer, please include the model information (which year? at the early or mid or late of the year? discrete or integrated graphics? RAM size?)
  2. your OS and its version, better with build number.

I have the same performance issues on Windows 10.
Just ordered an additional memory module (+8 gb) on the existing 6 gb
And I am planning to upgrade my 128 GB SSD harddisk to 500 GB.
Will post the benefits here next week.

Thank you all for responding. I will check out your suggestions.


Adding 8gb to my computer (total now 14 gb) makes Dorico a lot faster. No problems anymore in playback.
I try the impact of a bigger SSD tomorrow.