slow when filebrowser open

Forgot about this problem since I closed filebrowser in WL7 and never looked back.
When filebrowser is open in WL, and it’s pad is pointing to a network location,
saving files and launching WL is about 15sec slower then normal.

So saving a 30sec file takes about 1 second…
When I open filebrowser and it’s pad is pointing to a network drive, saving this same file takes about 15sec.
This slowdown affects montage, audio file and batchprocessor.

Launching WL (filebrowser closed) takes about 5 seconds, launching WL with filebrowser open (networkpad) about 20sec (after the first 5 seconds white non responsive screen for about 15sec)

This does not happen in any other piece of software I use that has a dedicated filebrowser in it…

I have recently found a solution to this problem. This will be done in WaveLab 8.0.2.