Slowing down audio

I am using WL LE to to edit imported audio files of me doing some guitar playing. I did a recording recently and noticed a loud click on the recorded track…must have been something in the room.
Anyway, because I couldn’t work out how to slow down the tempo of the recorded audio file, it was really hard to catch the click and cut it from the recording.
The question is, is there a way to slow down an audio recording so that I can catch the background noise and remove it from the recording.

Sorry, WaveLab LE does not allow this.

Can you think of a workaround?

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Paul Martin
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Hi, I’m not a WL LE user, (A long time ago, I started out in WL3 and have since just progressed through many updates to WL12 Pro). If you can expand the view of the file wave form in LE, you should then be able identify the noise, and (assuming there’s no required audio in during the noise) simply cut that portion of the file out. However, if there’s music during the noise, then LE is likely too “lightweight” to help you remove the racket!
Hope this can possibly help you out, although I’ve just noted the date of your post, and I’ve been away from the forum for a goodly time.

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