Slowing the tempo of an entire piece?

I need to slow the tempo of a piece WITHOUT CHANGING THE PITCH. I just need to be able to slow it to practice with. Is there a simple way to just slow the entire audio track to whatever tempo I need without using the warp tool or some other kind of processing?

Anybody? I can use the vari speed control on the Windows Media Player, but you can’t slow it dow that much without getting that “under water” sound. I was hoping that N6 would have SOMETHING quick and easy that would allow me a little more range without the garbling.

So, there’s NOTHING I can use in N6 to get a control over the playback tempo of the piece?

Make sure that all audio parts are set to Musical mode - to do this, double-click each one to open them in the Editor and check the icon containing the musical note. Note: there is a similar button on each Track itself, but it does not appear to work (I don’t think it ever has for me).

Then simply change the tempo of the project on the Transport bar.

Thanks a lot!!! :mrgreen: Happy Holidays! :sunglasses: