SLP 10 issue w Cubase 12 Extension

Not working (for me) in Cubase 12.0.60 w Windows 10, RME HDSP 9652, Haswell CPU w native video.

And by ‘not working’ I mean, the extension loads in an audio event, everything -looks- OK, but when you close the event and do playback, that event is muted.

No error.

Ideas on how to troubleshoot?

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Same Problem here today.
Just did some minor click removals on a vocaltrack and when i save it as a new copy to use variaudio afterwards, it wrote silence.
After i click undo in cubase, it still was silent.
Only when removing the extension the audio file comes back including the clicksof course.
It is seemingly happening at random.

This session was on 48khz btw.

Intriguing. My CPR was also at 48khz.

Any thoughts on how to troublehsoot from SB?