SLP11.0.10 Bug report - "Heal" stops working and becomes "delete"

After several hours of working on cleaning some audio, the heal function turned into “delete” for me.

I was cleaning up some audio, highlighting areas that I wanted to use the Heal (bi-directionally) functionality on. It was working as normal, until at some point the Heal function stopped “healing” and instead blanked out the whole area surrounding the selected part of the spectrum I had chosen.

Quitting the software and restarting did not help.

I have captured a video if you want to see what happens.

I am on MacOS Sonoma 14.5, using a 16 inch 2019 MacBook Pro.

Let me know if there is a more formal way to report the bug and if there’s any way to cleanly reset things when it gets into this state.


I think I found what was causing the bug! I saw that the “kernel_task” was running at over 1000% CPU in my Activity Monitor. After Googling, I found that this was because my machine was hot and the fans were busy and the CPU was being throttled to cool it down.

Once things returned to normal and the kernel_task throttling went down, the heal function started to work again. Very strange bug, but perhaps you can report this to the developers.

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