SLP11 issues on CP13

P’tit lu all…

I’ve just picked up SpectraLayers Pro 11, which works perfectly in standalone mode. But via ARA under Cubase Pro 13, SLP11 doesn’t display any content. At first I thought I’d missed a display option, but I couldn’t find anything.
It looks more like a bug.
Has anyone experienced this kind of problem before?
Thanks in advance for your help.

De quelle version de Cubase s’agit-il exactement ?
Ce problème est généralement du à un problème de driver, quelle est votre carte graphique ? Pouvez vous installer la dernière mise à jour des drivers de votre carte graphique et réessayer ?

I’ve got exact the same problem. Updated all my gpu and cpu drivers but no solution.
Cheers Edwin

Bon, ben j’avais effectivement quelques versions de retard niveau GPU, mais ça n’a pas réglé le problème.
Je tourne sur un vieux coucou, un laptop ASUS ROG J750W de 2012 embarquant une GTX765M.
SLP11 mis à jour mais ça ne change rien. Ca reste désespérément vide…

Well, I was a few versions behind on the GPU front, but that didn’t solve the problem.
I’m running an old cuckoo clock, a 2012 ASUS ROG J750W laptop with a GTX765M.
SLP11 updated but it doesn’t change anything. It remains hopelessly empty…

Click Help > Support Info > Logs Folder and please upload the log files here

All files? Is that so? Apparently you can’t upload *.txt files. I have to copy/paste the contents of each file?

Put them in a folder, zip the folder and upload the zip-file.

Oops… Sometimes I can’t think straight :sweat_smile:
Than you mate :vulcan_salute:

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@Spawn-X can you try build 369 and let me know if that helps ?
If not, please send me back the latest logs after trying.

Sorry, but the link indicates that the file is in your drive’s recycle garbage can. I can’t download it.

Yes, there’s another thread about this issue here (watch it for future updates), unfortunately build 369 didn’t solve it, so I removed the file.

OK, thank you, I’ll follow its thread.