SLP8 - Not all tools and menu items displaying

Whether in full screen mode or not, there are only 8 tools displaying in the tool bar, not the 20 tools that should be there. A screenshot follows:

Everything is checked under the View menu, and I have also tried a couple of different DPI Scaling settings but it didn’t make any difference to the tools displaying in the toolbars.

Is there something that I am missing in relation to SLP8 that is somehow different to 7?

EDIT: Now I’ve realised that many drop down menu items/tools are missing when comparing the same menu items to SLP7:

Sadly, I’ll have to uninstall 8 and go back to 7 until all the above is fixed.

@condex It simply means you didn’t enter your Pro activation code in the eLicenser Control Center :slight_smile:
Your screenshot is cropped (only showing the left side of SpectraLayers), but I’m pretty sure what you see right now is “SpectraLayers One” in the title bar next to the Help menu (and also what the splashscreen shows when launching SpectraLayers, or when you click Help > About).

Many thanks, Robin. That solved it. All the tools and menus are now there.

Honestly, I find Steinberg’s licensing process to be the most convoluted and unintuitive process that I’ve ever struck with anything computer related. Surely this confusing and illogical licencing process can be streamlined?

You’re not the first one mentioning this indeed. However the licensing system is supposed to be modernized soon.

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