SLP9 phase bug

I tried to post this a week ago and it looks like the thread didn’t show for some reason.

I use composite view along with a group layer to manage noise by copying source areas to phase inverted layers to non-destructively achieve either total silence or attenuation, depending upon the relative levels of the inverted phase layer and the source.

To recreate:
1 Set up a group with the source layer and one other empty layer with normal phase. Switch to composite view.
2 Copy an area from the source to the inverted layer and it will appear brighter. Invert the phase with the button and the area disappears as expected.
3 Now do the same thing, set up the group with the source and inverted layer but go ahead and prep the inverted layer by pressing the polarity button in advance.
4 Now copy an area from the source layer to the inverted layer. It SHOULD disappear, but instead it appears bright. Now change the polarity to normal and the area disappears.

So it seems that in V9 the polarity of the layer affects the PASTE. Please fix this. I can’t use this version as it is.

J David Leonard
Reveal Audio Services

Yeah, I too mentioned some weird stuff happening when working with inverted phase, almost a year ago by now - see this thread: Weird behavior when manipulating phase-inverted layers
Seems like this occured with version 8.0.2, but unfortunately has not been fixed yet in the most recent update 9.0.2.