Sluggish GUI

Hi this is my first post.

I was cubase user from version 3 till VST 32. Five days ago i bought cubase pro 8.5
I am on Mac El Capitan 10.11.6 and i find zoom really sluggish and overall feel not so comfortable

I read that some other people experience the same under El Capitan

How it performs on Yosemite? Is it better or i should wait for a fix?
Kind of disappointed, coming from Logic and Ableton.

Thanks in advance

Yea it’s definitely a buzz kill trying to zoom in and out quickly. I’m on pro tools 12 till they fix the sluggishness

Same sluggish GUI. Was hoping we’d see a fix by now.

Does anybody use 8.5.2 on Yosemite? Is it the same?

Yeah I do …

Don’t notice it on zoom so much as the tabs on the left are sluggish.

*sorry ignore me, forgot im on el capitan

Have people tried Preferences/Editing/Quick Zoom?

Why don’t you guys switch to windows its better, infinitely flexible, more powerful and cheaper!

My studio partner was on windows then switched to mac (mostly because people he works with are all on Mac, and he jokes about how scared many Mac users are of Windows), and he complains all of the time about the sluggishness on mac. He’s looking to possibly go back to Windows .

I’ve only been on my Mac with C 8.5. and compared to Pro Tools it is noticeably slower in zooming and in general “feel” (don’t know quite how to describe it, just feels slower). When I tried a friend’s Windows computer with C 8.5. it had the same quick feel of Pro Tools on my Mac, so at this point in time it looks like a Mac vs. PC thing with Cubase.

Yeah this really is so discouraging, I love the Cubase workflow but once you start introducing audio files with a lot of edits it’s horribly laggy. OS 10.9 with version 8.0.35 was the most responsive for me, after disabling hit points and background color modulation. Version 8.5 is beyond slow and I always go back to 8.0.4 with OS 10.11.

Ableton is releasing significant bug fixes and new features in the beta program almost weekly, and the interface is super responsive. Cubase is so feature rich that I know it’s not that easy but it’s hard not to feel like Mac users are an afterthought. If using only midi you don’t feel the pain as much, but start slicing by hitpoint on several audio files stacked on top of each other and it’s a sluggish mess.

I’m on Logic X and not using or upgrading Cubase until the GUI performance is improved on Mac.

Very sad cause cubase 8 is such a great daw. It’s to hard to work with a laggy daw.

There will never be a solution available until any of the following things happened:

  1. Qt fixed their serious UI rendering speed and responsiveness issue for macOS (esp. for HiDPI) w/ fully support of Metal.
    Someone send the issue report to Qt:

  2. Steinberg use Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac (use cross-platform .net framework) in lieu of Qt for their applications. This is to cope the possible case that Qt decided never to fix this issue.

Steinberg could do something (just like what Dorico team did and is doing) regarding UI responsiveness and UI rendering acceleration. However, since Qt is such terrible, the bottle neck is always there choking Steinberg products from occupying full power of your video hardware under macOS.

To continue this topic, you may want to check this thread:

P.S.: AVID is a much-bigger company than Steinberg and they have that money to buy sufficient developer resources to modify Qt for the sake of total fluency of using their products under macOS. However, PreSonus wrote their own cross-platform framework and it runs fluently, too (at least their Studio One 3 runs more fluent than Sibelius 8.4.2 on my retina MacBook Pro).

You can get over that by use of folders and/or events to part.

Yes its just too sluggish for comfort on the mac. a shame really

As i understand it’s common on mac the sluggish Gui. Hope for a fix soon

Changing mac for windows is completely a no way thing and not the best suggestion.
I use Mac for more than 20 years, almost never had any kind of problem like that.

All other DAW’s i used play correct on El Capitan(Logic, Ableton)

In my opinion Steinberg is obligated to fix these kind of problems for their users.

I doubt there gonna fix it. It’s been laggy for a long time.

I just had a mastering session in a quite large studio tonight. Not a home studio.

They moved to PC based systems with Protools because the Mac is not working smoothly anymore. This is just one studio but I am hearing this is becoming more frequent…

All these comments shall blame Qt instead due to its lack of optimization for macOS. Note that the Qt team, even though said they are working on this, meant that they have no reason to optimize for 4k and provides support to OS-based hardware acceleration (i.e. Metal for macOS). I guess Cubase 9 may use newer versions of Qt to improve their GUI fluency and responsiveness performance, but I don’t think it could help much unless they ditch Qt and use Xamarin (Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac, another cross-platform application framework for both macOS and Windows).


In my situation the longer they wait to fix the gui issues on Mac the more I am becoming accustomed to using Logic X and less likely to use Cubase again. And I’ve used Cubase for a fairly long time now.

Same idea with you. However in my cases I have to face the music that Cubase is actually an industrial standard in Mainland China due to virus-like spreading of cracked Cubase 5. I, in some cases, have to share my project in Cubase format. That’s why I am here keeping on complaining about this issue (and the develop team think me a constant insultant). Otherwise I would definitely do what you like to do.

I, too, have come to point where if this is not completely fixed in C9 I will need to go back to Pro Tools, which would be SUCH A BUMMER because I left Pro Tools for Cubase a few months ago!!! The slowness of the C8.5 GUI compared to Pro Tools on my Mac is unbearable though, so the tradeoff is not worth it to me. It’s such a damn shame that I would have to abandon Cubase for this reason alone (and one other big one, the CPU efficiency), but it’s such a major, major, major thing when I work on large projects back-to-back for a living every day and need the GUI speed that I get with every other DAW I’ve used or tried on my Mac. :frowning:

It’s so sad for me to already turn into one of the so-called whiners here, but this is the reality of working with Cubase on a Mac right now. :neutral_face: Fingers crossed for a fix for this (and the Cpu efficiency) in C9!