Sluggish mixer/ GUI

Hey folks,
been following some of the other threads since 5.5.3 but my issue seems to be since updating to Lion on Mac Pro 2008, 12 GB RAM etc. The mixer gets very sluggish after running a bunch of VSTis. Nothing too CPU intensive, and much less than stuff I’ve been doing on this machine in the past 4 years, but the GUI is so sluggish I can’t even adjust levels on the mixer while playing the song. This problem was occurring before 5.5.3, which didn’t help at all.

Any tips would be appreciated! I’m thinking it’s time for a fresh install on an SSD, while I wait for Apple to release the new Mac Pro… could be waiting a while!!!

Make sure your audio files aren’t being warped or time stretched in the background.
Had that happen and it killed my machine… Acid Files.
Also, fold any busy(many edits)tracks into folders. Seems to help here.
I’m checking into the elastique algo thing too.
Some seem to think the Standard Mix setting is the best if your not doing lots of critical
time stretching/pitch shifting.
I just made the ridiculously huge leap from Nuendo 2, and I have to say the gui is much snappier in 2.
Same song and files…Found a few things to speed it up though. Like the above.
Read somewhere on here about disabling the video engine so I did that too…
Launches faster and seems stable. Still testing. When I need it I will load it.
I guess my machine is starting to show its age though. The projects I work on average anywhere from
3 tracks to over a hundred. Opening all the Nu 2 files without incident so far.