Sluggish performance of Dorico Pro 5

Dorico Pro 5, when released, was working very well on my Mac, so was the Dorico on my iPad, even after installing the first maintenance update I didn’t face any issues, however, recently I have been experiencing a very sluggish performance from Dorico Pro 5, at times it takes a while to react to clicks, even to basic ones like change from play mode to write mode etc., and the iPad Dorico fails to even load sounds. Not sure why all of a sudden Dorico has become very buggy. How to I remedy the situation? Is there any reason for these performance issue?

I suspect the issue you are experiencing on your Mac is not that Dorico is running slowly or sluggishly, but that some of your mouse clicks on buttons in the user interface are not being correctly registered. This is a problem that is affecting some Mac users more than others, and is due to a bug in the new version of the Qt framework on which Dorico is built. We’re working on this problem with the team at Qt but do not yet know when a fix will be available.

In the meantime, if you can remember key commands (e.g. using Command-2 to switch to Write mode or Command-3 to switch to Engrave mode) you should find that these work instantly, just as they always have.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused by this problem.

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Thanks for explaining the reason lucidly Daniel, Hope you are able to bring the bug-fix on an early date, in the meanwhile I shall utilise the Key-commands.

@dspreadbury Do you have a Qt task number for this issue? Thanks!

@torarnv, this issue and this issue were the same and had the same underlying cause. It looks like we didn’t raise a QTBUG for this one but were in touch with support, from what we remember. The resolution in the end was that we had to explicitly disable QTouchEvent on QQuickWidget on macOS, and I believe we found that the default state of the flags for QQuickWidget was different in Qt 6 than it had been in Qt 5.

Dorico 5.0 was our first release to use Qt 6, so there were a number of teething difficulties, and we continue to have one or two problems, the most widely-reported of which is an issue with QQuickWidget drawing at the wrong scale factor in our QMainWindow-based project window in some circumstances, e.g. after the display is woken up, or if you have multiple displays with different pixel densities. We’ve not been able to come up with a specific set of steps to reproduce this latter problem so we haven’t yet raised a bug report, but if you know of any issues that could explain this behaviour, do let me know so that we can vote/watch it in the tracker.

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