Sluggish project in Nuendo 11/12

I have a drum session that I need to edit and mix and for some reason the Nuendo performance is crazy awful. There is a latency on Start/Stop, delay between the moment i touch the spacebar and the monitoring of the software. On specific places in the song there are areas where the music get a stutter sound and visual.

I tried my Nuendo 12 and 11, restarted the computer, backed up the project to a new folder with no success. Other projects opens fine.

Might be a clue but the project was recorded in Cubase and it is still under .cpr, however I saved as npr and it still gets the cpr ending.

Any ideas what is going on?

Some ideas:

  1. Increase your IO buffer size for your audio driver.
  2. Is your audio drive defragmented recently?
  3. Graphics card. Is it one that has issues with Nuendo (seach this forum for that info)


Thanx for the ideas.

  1. The buffer is high.
  2. This is the build in SSD of my new macbook pro 2022
  3. GPU of the macbook.

The most important point is - It is not happening with other projects or with bare bone projects

Most DAW companies highly recommend you use a separate, dedicated drive for your audio and projects. not to use the system drive as your project audio drive.