Sluggishness issue on Cubase 7.5.2


I have a serious problem of sluggishness on C7.5.
I usually have to move the mouse every time I press a key on the keyboard to run the related action requested (eg: bar space to start/stop).
It seems like Cubase is waiting another input to make effective the previous one. This is a serious problem especially when I’m recording. And then this happens also using plugins so that if for example I’m on the eq, I move the indicators without immediate action so that sometime any plugin is almost useless.
I’m running a professional studio and this is frustrating and non professional.
That’s on a 8 Core Macpro 8Gb ram with Mountain Lion.

Recently I have the same issue with Cubase 5.5 on another 8 Core Macpro 8Gb ram running Lion.
I repeat: this is non professional at all and I cannot allow this in my studio.
Does anyone have the same issue and can help me to solve it?
Thank you.

Aloha d,


Two approaches
1-Trash Preferences.
2-Start up Cubase in ‘Safe Mode’.

Good Luck!

Hi C,

thanks for your attention but I don’t understand, sorry.
What do you mean by “trash preferences”? And how I start up Cubase in safe mode?
In several years that I use Cubase I’ve never had this kind of issue…

Google often wins the day:

You were right, thank you for your help.
It was just a matter of a crappy plugin, immedately disintalled.
Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Do us all a favor and post what the crappy plugin was, just in case others have it installed and experience similar troubles.

It was a bad trial for Brainwork Meter. A nice plugin but not the version I have installed.