Slur collision avoidance (Elements 3.5)


Is there any way to remedy this problem in Elements?


Ideally I would like the “9” to appear on its own, just above and between the fourth and fifth notes, without the rectangular “brace” (sorry - not sure what the correct term is there). Alternatively, having the slur under the notes would also prevent collision.

I’ve Googled the qustion and see a few discussions about this sort of problem, but suggested solutions all seem to involve the Engraver option, which of course I don’t have in Elements.



Can you flip the slur with f?


Thanks - yes, that does move the slur under the notes and hence avoid the collision.


These properties are in the Write mode properties panel, and they’re definitely available in Elements.

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Thanks, Pianoleo. I had seen the properties panel mentioned numerous times in the user manual but couldn’t figure out how to open it or where to find it. A bit of research and I’ve finally found it. OK, so it only took two weeks…

Have changed the properties for this item as you suggest and it now looks perfect. Now - what else can I do with this wonderful new feature? :slight_smile:

Everything. It’s all there.

Every single object that you can click on can be altered in this panel.