Slur/cross-staff beaming interaction

I’ve run into an unwanted interaction between slurs and cross-staff notes (cross-staff beaming?) which I don’t know how to fix. See attachments. I have a slur covering 12 semiquavers, but moving four of them to the lower staff (to indicate a suggested division between the hands) causes the slur to disappear. I would be happy with even a fake slur!
[Edit: I attached two files, but only one appears. Trying to reattach the missing one now.]

If you select the note where you want the slur to start, and then Ctrl/Cmd+Click the note where you want the slur to end, then type S, do you get a slur?

No. If I do that I get two faint oblique dotted lines in the upper staff: the first above the first note in the bar, the other above the last two notes. Nothing like a slur.

Intriguing. Sounds like you’re getting the attachment lines for a slur but no visual slur. Does it look the same way in Galley View?

Yes, exactly the same.

I can get the slur to appear below the notes, but not above where I want it. I could live with that, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

Does it mean that, when you change the slur direction in the properties panel, the slur disappears ??? I’ve never experienced that.

That’s exactly what happens. The attachment lines remain visible.

For what it’s worth, this works for me with no problem - either with the slur above or below.


Have you set your notes in the bass clef and moved them up or done the opposite. I wonder if the problem only occurs if the end notes of the slur are moved across staves.

Can you try entering your notes in the bass clef and then moving the appropriate notes up to see if that solves the problem?

EDIT: Apparently not. I tried notes entered in each clef and then moved the appropriate notes to the opposite staff via the properties panel with no adverse effects.

Here’s my (very brief) Dorico file, in case it’s useful; and thanks Derrek for going the extra mile! (402 KB)

I think we will probably need to see the original Dorico project to diagnose this problem further.

Thanks Daniel, I’ll email it to you.
Replying to others: I did try entering the notes in the lower staff, with no better success.

The problem, as diagnosed by Daniel, was due to a middle staff that is present earlier in the flow but stops prior to the bar in question. When you try to position the slur above the notes, it wrongly attaches itself to the removed staff instead of the top one. There seems to be no real workaround at present.