Slur disabling add-on techniques

Hi Everyone,

Despite of my searches, I did not find any topics which adresses my question.

When I add slurs, the add-on techniques are not sent in the playback.

In bar 2, everything is played correctly.
In bar 3, the CC03 add-on are ignored.
In bar 4, after having suppressed playback on slur, CC03 are sent correctly.

As you can see, below, the playing technique lane is not splitted as it should for bar 3.

Here is the file I used.
Test for Dorico 004.dorico (568.4 KB)

Thanks in advance for your help.

You probably need to check your expression map (which looks horrendously complicated!). I see su mar and sustain are in the auto mutual exclusion group - all other exclusion groups are empty. Is that what you intended?

Hello Janus,

Thank you for your message.

When I open the test file, all my mutual exclusion groups are populated.
See below :

You may not have the same playing techniques as I have created.

I only have what was included in your file and that should be everything. (on closer inspection, there are a couple of entries in the cc03 group, but all others are empty)

I suggest you also check your playback techniques (whether you intend attribute or direction) - that can affect things unexpectedly.

Beyond that I have nothing more to offer. Sorry.

Hello Janus,

In order to simplify things, I take the same example with HALion Sonic with HSO Flute Solo Expression map.
On top of that, I add a Base switch “su mar” and two add-ons “cc03 50” and “cc03 100”.

As you can see below the same phenomena appears :

Here is the Dorico file I used :
Test for Dorico 004b.dorico (985.2 KB)
With the slur, the internal effect “Legato” is activated and disables the add-on technique “cc3 50” on bar 3.
Do you see the same thing on your setup ?