Slur edits in Galley View

Using Dorico for iPad …
After customising a slur in Engrave Mode the edit appears correctly in Page View but not in Galley View (unedited slur persists). Is this a bug or a feature?

So long as the slurs connect to the correct notes, I would not expect Engraver-type appearance changes to be reflected in Galley view.

And welcome to the forum, @Mark_Harley .

Yes, it’s as intended. Because the rhythmic (and indeed vertical) spacing is completely different in galley view and page view, edits you make to Engrave mode-only properties (which includes those for controlling slur contour etc.) are not shown in galley view.

Thank you! The result in Galley View is not pretty (as you can see). As I use Dorico for iPad more I find that some Engrave edits do filter through to all views. Seems inconsistent to me :exploding_head:

Galley view is not meant to be pretty! It is a working view, used when you are getting the notes laid down. It is also essential if/when you are using condensing. If you prefer always to see the pretty view, just work in Page view.