Slur end position in tie chain sometimes won't move

Sometimes I can’t get the property ‘End pos. in tie chain’ to have any effect when choosing ‘First note’. Here’s an example:


I don’t have a comprehensive list of when it works and when it doesn’t, but what it stopping it here? Is it the held-over tie on the B flat? At the moment I have to work around of lot of these in Engrave Mode. Dorico 4.1.

Yeah, there’s a limitation of sorts, which is that internally slurs are treated as being attached to positions within a voice, rather than individual notes. The thing that’s tripping Dorico up here is that the Bb doesn’t exist on the semiquaver, so the Db semiquaver and the following Bb/Db semibreve are treated as two separate entities rather than a single tie chain.

It should work fine if you untie the Dbs, then add the slur, set the End pos. property, retie the Dbs.

Jun-07-2022 14-26-11

@pianoleo that’s great. Will save me a lot of time and look much better than individually fudged slurs everywhere.