Slur in slur playback

See image for clarification.
So I know that slur playback is managed by setting playback of the notes as legato, except the last one. Now when I have one big overarching slur and within it an extra slur, legato playback for the outer slur stops after this inner slur. How can this be fixed?

If you select the little slur and turn on Properties > Suppress Playback, does that do it?

It does! Thank you very much for this workaround.

However, it gets a little annoying to have to do this for every case. It also seems to me that what happens now is not what you would expect, namely that the overarching slur keeps its legato playback. It’s something to possibly improve, I assume.

The little one may be interpreted as a tie, if written in this way, mayn’t it? …

And remember you can copy such a slur with Alt-click.