Slur into 2nd ending - best workaraound?

I always use l.v. for ties into the 2nd ending. That’s quite an easy task.
When I have to notate a slur into the 2nd ending, it’s much more complicated. It’s very dangerous to ruin one of the Layouts (score or part layout) and it get’s worse, if you have multiple Layouts in different transpositions for a part.
So far I enter a slur from the note before (in the 1st ending) or to the following note and than I adjust everyting manually. But there are some problems:

  • If I slur from the 1st ending, the lines for the endings normally move.

  • If the note in the 2nd ending is a whole note and I tie to the next note, it can get problematic, if there is a system break involved.

  • the shape of the slurs needs shaping in every Layout.

I know, that this is already on the long list for improvements and therfore this is no a FR. I just want to ask, if someone has a quicker or smarter workaround until Dorico will notate this automatically.