Slur not showing direction of music. Is there a setting?

Hello all,

In my opinion the slur in this case

should be a bit higher on the right end to show the direction of the music. Is there a setting for this or do I have to edit this on a case by case basis?

We do intend to introduce some improvements to slur positioning to try to improve this case and others like it where the stem direction between the first and last note of the slur differs, but for now I’m afraid you have to make this adjustment manually.


I notated a similar figure as above (using Dorico 3), noticed the slur, and then found this thread. I hope this hasn’t dropped off the list of future improvements.

In Engraving options, try changing Slurs / Endpoint Positioning / Stem Side / Vertical offset.

If you make your example slur look “horizontal” that is a reasonable compromise to avoid messing up other situations.

Warning: if changing this setting doesn’t seem to be working, note that it interacts with “Avoiding Collisions / Minimum distance between slur endpoint and staff line” especially for slurs with end points inside the staff.

Here’s an example of how I adjust them individually in order to reflect the correct note direction. Would be helpful if this could be automatic.
slur slanted.png

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier (and easier to read) if you simply flipped the stem up on the first note?. Then everything (noteheads, stems, and slur mark) will all automatically be going the same direction.

The first note definitely has to be an upstem. But under some conventions, such as that suggested by Elaine Gould, the second note could also be an upstem, which would achieve the same result.

Yes, I frequently flip the 2nd note in cases like this.