Slur not showing up after condensing

Typically, slurs have been not dependable once condensed. How do I make sure that the slurs will show up? It’s really eating up a lot of my time, and with no solution in sight. I have tried notation condensing options, manual condensing changes, taking slurs off and reinputting, re inputting the entire phrase… Nothing has been able to solve this. Every phrase has a mistake. I highlight it in the galley view, and it shows up as invisible in the condensed page view window. Only the dotted line that shows the tether to a note is visible. What could be the problem?
Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 4.00.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 4.00.59 PM.png

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Check your voices. For condensing to work correctly, everything needs to be in Upstem Voice 1. My guess is that it isn’t.

Hi pianoleo, thanks for your reply. I will attach the dorico project here, because I suspected that it was the voice problem as well, but alas it is not. Would you please take a quick look? Literally the first page already has a few of these errors. Thank you!

Hello RWW, I messed around with your file for awhile, and noticed some weird things: even though the notes are all in voice 1, there are lots of different colors (even green in flute 1, which is a mystery to me). And your staff labels don’t condense correctly, as well, so I suspect you may have done something strange to your file. You also have a Condensing Change at bar 1, which shouldn’t be necessary.

So I started a new file from the classical orchestra template, and put in your first page; I also added an accent to the first note in flute 2 so it matches flute 1. I set up condensing in Notation Options to make slurs not amalgamate (command shift N), and now everything looks like it should. I’d recommend using this new file and copying in the rest of your piece - hope this helps!
pajama (470 KB)
Edit - still not sure why there is no slur for oboe 2 in the third bar. Sometimes I can’t get slurs to appear either - that’s why I was interested in this problem.

There is a small number of outstanding bugs concerning slurs in condensing that remain outstanding and which we will fix in future versions.


Thank you so much Stephen for redoing the first page for me! I was able to move everything over and now it condenses correctly (enough). Thanks for that! I have the notes now all mostly blue, divisi are sometimes green or red-pink. I’m not sure why the original note colors were being so wild. Thank you again.

You’re welcome! I wouldn’t worry about the divisi note colors, as long as most of your other notes are blue. Your piece looks really good!

Just wondering if someone provided a reproductible case.
I’ve just had to correct a large work I was commissioned for, and this bug has come out a few times. It appears in my violin parts, whenever the divisi starts somewhere in the middle of the system, and next system starts with a unis… (and some divisi can come later on in that new system)
The slur should cross the system break, but there’s always one part of it missing, either the beginning of the slur to the break, or the last part (beginning of the new system). I will try to build a little example and post it here.

The one workaround I found to this, believe it or not, is to add a little l.v. tie using the bottom menu (in engrave mode) and then move that around to look like a proper slur. Kinda works!

Thanks for sharing, but you don’t need to double-post. We see it… twice! :sunglasses:

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