slur options?

Is there a way to get a slur to go, i.e. from note head to stem end at the end of the slur or any combination thereof? I know it can be done manually in Engrave mode but when you have a score full of them and it takes some fiddling to get them look right it can take up a lot of time.

I’m not able to tell exactly what you’re trying to achieve, but all global options for slurs are in Engraving Options–>Slurs. That’s quite an extensive list of settings you can tweak, but if the global setting you want isn’t there, it isn’t able to be set globally, AFAIK.

The situation in which you might want this by default is when slurring two notes with opposing stem directions. We would like to handle this case automatically, and it’s on our backlog to do so, but I’m afraid it’s not possible to produce the appropriate positioning by default at the moment. (If it were, Dorico would already be doing it automatically!)

Thanks Daniel, that’s what I had in mind. I’ll wait.

Do I understand it right that this does apply to something like the following:


(Gould p. 111)

This thread dates from before F (flip) was added. It’s much quicker to do this manually now.

Thanks, pianoleo. Than I do miss the “appropriate positioning” like E. Gould suggests it on p. 111: “When outer notes have opposite stem directions, move the slur at the stem end towards the noteheads so it does not tilt contrary to the direction of the pitches”. This is not achieved by flipping a slur in my example. The correct outcoming should look like this:

I’ve not found an option to change this slurring option to default, or am I wrong? (Perhaps you can see that I’ve changed a few options, since my first example is my default now).