Slur placement incorect Cross staff beaming

Hi Guys,

I’m just experimenting (getting to know) Dorico and thought I would see how cross staff beaming would work etc.
It worked really well, but placement of a slur on the cress beamed ground of 2 quavers didn’t place very well.

Obviously I can tweak it in Engraver mode but it would be good if the developers could manage to do this a little better off the bat.

I have enclosed to screen grabs, one corrected in Engraver mode and the other is the non corrected version etc.


Unlike some other programs, Dorico can start and end a slur on notes in different voices.

In the “incorrect” version, did you select the top C and the G, not the B and the G?

You only need to select the first and last notes of the slur (click and Ctrl-click), not the notes in between.

Hi Rob, I selected the B and G quavers and created the slur.

I can reproduce this - it looks like a bug.

It’s not a bug as such, but rather a limitation in how Dorico’s routing of slurs works at present. Slurs that are considered “inner slurs”, i.e. those which go between notes that are neither the highest nor lowest on the staff, can’t be processed for collision avoidance in the same way as slurs that go above or below the staff. The slur you have shown in your “incorrect-slur” picture should be detected as an inner slur, but isn’t at present because it’s in a cross-staff context. I’m not sure whether or not it will be feasible for us to do a better default job in this case than we do at present, but we’ll certainly talk about it.