Slur question: inputting sequentially

Let’s say I have a long passage of eighth notes, with the occasional rest here and there. I’d like to, let’s say, slur notes 2 x 2 along the way, with the occasional 3x3.

So I select my first 8th note and press “S” which inputs a slur to the next note. Fine and dandy.

But is there now a way to go to the next 8th note without clicking it with the mouse to select it?

I notice that the slur I just input is active, and if I press the right arrow, Dorico jumps to the next slur in the score - which might be 100 pages later.

But is there a simple keyboard shortcut way of going from the slur I just input to the next eighth note I’d like to add a slur to?

I know that pressing Shift and the right arrow now highlights the notes to which I just added a slur, and pressing the right arrow a 2nd time will now move the cursor to the next 8th note. But I was hoping for one less click.

It’s a VERY minor annoyance, but was hoping there might be a secret I missed somewhere along the way.

Try selecting the first two notes with the slur. Copy. Then select the whole passage needing the 2x2 slurs and right-click>Paste Special>Paste Articulations. It should fill that selection with your slurs.

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If the slur is selected, press Tab and then the note it is attached to should now be selected and you can press the right arrow a couple of times etc.

hmm, I hadn’t thought of trying the Tab key.
But it’s basically the same thing as pressing the Shift key.

To my thinking, it’s a bit of an odd design philosophy. After inputting a slur, the last thing I want is to jump to another slur. It seems to me that the right arrow should bring me immediately to the very next note, no?


I think with most(?) things in Dorico, if you navigate then it will go to the next same object e.g. chord symbols.

If you have the preference for loading pointer with items active, I would use it to just click on each slur-start note to get a 2-note slur, and click-and-drag to get a 3+ note slur.
The pointer will remain loaded with the slur until you press Escape.

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Another way is with the use of the r key.
Steps: select slur > press r > press > alt + arrow to right.
Then press r > press alt + arrow to right and so on.
When you meet a place that needs a slur over 3 notes, you press alt + shift + arrow to right. To make a slur from 3 notes to 2 notes you press alt + shift + arrow to left.
I’m not on my pc now to test, but I think this doesn’t work when there is a rest between notes.