Slur refuses to end on first note of tie chain



Despite this:

I don’t understand this case and I can’t get it to work. Ends voice immediately does not work for the G sharp either. My brain is tired.

Untie the G#
Slur to the first G#
Retie the G#s
Set tie property

(And as to why, I think it’s the same as the thread you linked to: it’d work fine if there wasn’t an Fnat joining the same voice as the end of the tied G#.)

For me, Dorico 5.0.20, it simply does not work. Hence my post. I am unable to resolve this.

What is that?

Maybe this:

In Write mode - Properties > Ties

Properties > Ties - Write mode

In Engrave mode - Properties > Ties

But set what tie property? I really don’t follow.

I think he might have meant this one, from the other thread:

The “End pos. in tie chain” setting for the slur. I think you want to do that before you re-tie though, not after, if I read the original thread correctly.


FWIW I can’t reproduce the problem in 4.3. Post a cut-down demo file perhaps?