Slur shortcut?

I’ve searched the forum and looked over the Key Commands page. There, I see shortcuts for how to start a slur (S) and then end it (shift-S), but I can’t get shift-S to work. I know you can select the beginning and end points and then hit S, but is there a way to start a slur and have it continue as long as you want?

In Sibelius you type S, then hit the space bar for as many notes as you want slurred. I thought there was something similar in Dorico but maybe I’m wrong. (But then, what is shift-S for?)

Thanks for any help…

S and shift-S work in note entry mode with a keyboard. S starts a slur on the note that you just entered (but you don’t see a slur over two notes until you enter the next note!) Shift-S ends the slur on the note that you just entered.

You can use that during keyboard note entry (when the caret is active). (s) starts a slur that will follow the note entered, until (shift+s) is pressed, which will finish the slur. This also work with nested slurs, (shift+s) stops the innermost slur.

At the moment, there is no way to elongate an already existing slur, but I think that’s already on our plans, so it will be implemented at one point.

Yes, as András rightly says, the plan is that Shift+Alt+left/right arrow will shorten/lengthen a slur, but this is not yet implemented.

Great - thanks guys!