slur-to-note navigation?

With the changes in horizontal navigation, there’s a function I’ve lost: the ability to quickly navigate through a line, adding slurs as I go. In the following example, these are just slurred in pairs, but I was also able to easily hold down Shift to select a group before pressing S, then move on.

How does the saying go? “You can’t please everyone.” Just suggesting that this was a helpful workflow that doesn’t work in the new navigation.

Perhaps if there is no slur in that staff for the remainder of the flow, the right arrow could navigate to the next note after the slur? Just a thought. I know these sorts of rules could get out of hand quickly.

I think the more such exceptions we put in, the harder to predict the behaviour becomes, and the more like the former navigation method that this new one replaces becomes.

My two cents, entirely unsolicited, is that the main problem with the previous method was its tendency to jump to an entirely unrelated staff. What I was missing was not the fine-grain control, per se, but the predictability.

I would be fine with—and prefer, actually—that horizontal navigation simply stay on the same staff. At least the option to turn off item-specific navigation.

Admittedly, two cents doesn’t buy you much these days…

I can remember problems with the old navigation when there were big pitch changes between notes, where left/right arrow skipped a note moving along one staff, and just about the only way to get to that note was to jump to another staff, creep up along side it, and jump back onto it.

Which was fun for a while, but not good for productivity.

So I am clear: the problem is that after entering each slur, the caret disappears (loses focus)? Until I tried this, I wasn’t sure what Dan’s concern was.

No, my objection is that after you enter a slur and it is selected, you can’t advance to select the next note after it, and enter another slur, without some tabbing.

I’m wondering if this is more a default slur thing: if you want to apply slurs “by two” you cannot use s repeatedly (because of the nested slurs) but you cannot use r either… I understand that the team must already be bothered with that navigation thing in write mode, but I think there’s still some optimization possible for speeding up the workflow :wink: