Slur wrong display between different systems and voices

Sometimes, slurs are not well displayed when starting from one system/voice end endding in another system/voice :

Slur wrong display between different systems and (284 KB)
Of course I can arrange this in engraving mode by manual positioning the slur, but it could be much better if right positionning were done automatically.

I think you’d be better off moving the notes in bar 5 to be in down stem voice one. I could understand why slurring between different voices could be problematic. Probably better to manage voices consistently.

Technically speaking, it doesn’t make musical sense to slur notes in multiple voices. Or said another way, voices matter.

Slurs over system breaks are far from ideal, which we are aware of, but haven’t had the chance yet to improve them. Until then you have to edit those slurs in engrave mode.

If I remove the rest in the upper voice, the result is much better …

So maybe, there is a kind of bug here …

What do you get when you move bar 5 to downstem voice?

I’m away from my laptop or I’d try it myself, but I’m curious as to whether it improves the result. I don’t often have problems with slurs that I can recall, and I wonder if the odd slur here is a result of combining different voices.

Identical, Dan.

I don’t think there’s any point dwelling on this - András has confirmed that slurs over system breaks are not optimal in Dorico.

Doesn’t solve the problem in the larger context, but moving the last measure down one system helps. Probably not a viable solution in all cases, but looks pretty nice, here.

That’s sounds logical because the slur does not start before and finishes after a sytem break.

Daniel explained not too lang ago that slurs that span across systems currently simply take the top edge of the staff as target point since they don’t know better yet. This explains how they look currently and also why they look good when you move the whole bar one system down.

A feature similar to Sibelius’ “clip ties/slurs at system breaks” would be most welcome for DORICO!
Would probably be added to the Engrave Settings, I suppose.

Sorry, marco_polo, but we do not ever plan to add a feature to clip slurs at the ends of systems. It was added to Sibelius as a stop-gap compromise before the introduction of magnetic slurs in version 1.3, and it turned out to be a very bad decision: it’s non-standard, looks bad, and was furthermore the source of many bugs over the years. Such a feature will be added to Dorico only over my dead body!

OK, I understand. Thanks for clarifying your view on this issue.