Hi, is it possible to write a slur in Dorico like in original score? I mean - to slur just 3 notes instead of 4?

Dorico slur.png

Yes - I’m not in front of my Dorico computer at the moment, but if you go into the Properties panel ( I think you can stay in Engrave mode for this) and choose if you wish the slur to go to the first or last note of the tie. I don’t know if you can set this as a default or not. I suspect not, as a slur can be a playing articulation as well as a phrase indication - they would have different ending points.

Thank you very much! You answer helped a lot😊 Applying such way each slur in a whole piece wich takes around 50 bars is not a very convenient way to work😊Anyway I was able to select few of them an apply this setting to all at once.

You can set this as default in the Tied Notes section on the Slurs page of Engraving Options.


Good to know!

Thank you!