Slurred notes cannot be flipped in 2 voices?

Dear Steinberg Team,

first of all I want to thank you for the amazing software that you created. In the many years I was excessively using Sibelius and Finale I dreamt of so many things, which you now finally made possible. :smiley: So I found new motivation to share ideas and things that are not yet possible (Something that I gave up on Sibelius/Finale as they were constantly ignoring all reported bugs…).

When I work with different Voices and have a slurred note, he strangely doesn’t let me flip the slurred note after the barline. Did I miss something, or is that a bug? If I press „f“ he always flips the „starting note“ on the last beat of the first bar, but not the „slurred note“ in the second bar.
( It is a notation for percussion, where the direction of the beam shows which hand plays…here of course I could write it just in one voice, but I would like to keep it in two voices for various reasons)

Is there a way to correct this, or is this a bug?

Thanks for your help.
All the best, Gregor


Welcome to the forum.

You can flip the second note of the pair in Engrave mode (if you are using Dorico Pro). Apparently removing rests causes a number of the top voice (blue) notes to flip.

Incidentally (and this may be a translation situation) the notes in question are presumably tied rather than slurred.