Slurred phrases don't playback legato

Having used Sibelius for many years, I’m trying out Dorico with a new piece for flute choir. As a newbie I expect the learning curve to be quite sharp, but I’m getting the hang of step input, and I’m sure I will be able to do it quickly in the future. However I find two things about playback unhelpful at the moment. 1. I’m having to use clarinet sounds for alto and bass flutes, but more serious: 2. I don’t get legato playing when a phrase is slurred - every note seems to be tongued. I checked the Halion set up, and legato is available in all the expression maps. Please tell me what trick I’m missing. Btw thank you for the Youtube tutorials. I’ve bookmarked them.

Dorico doesn’t yet play back slurs/legato markings, I’m afraid. It’s coming in the next update, which will hopefully come before the end of your trial.