Slurring notes

I’m desperately trying to slur 3 quavers into a triplet. After several attempts I managed to have them in a triplet, but I can’t beam them together. I tried many times with the midi editing too, but I can’t change the length of them in a way that they sound as triplets. Screenshot attached. The first note (B) is way too long, I can’t make it shorter, the midi won’t react. I also have a semiquaver break that I don’t want, and ultimately can’t beam/join the B to the following two notes. Any suggestions?

Hard to tell from a screenshot alone, but I guess you’ll discover anomalies if you turn on voice colours. I suspect the triplet isn’t really spanning three quavers/8ths, but only semiquavers/16ths, and the notes you want to group are not in the same voice, or even part of the same staff. I think the B was cross-staffed from below.

Yes, something about that doesn’t look right. The semiquaver rest makes me suspect what you’ve got is a semiquaver triplet, which includes the D# but not the following G(#).

Terminology-wise, you probably also mean you want to “beam” these notes together and make them a triplet.

If you want to share the project file, I or someone else here can take a look for you.

Hi PjotrB,

yes the B was crossed staffed, how can I change that? In the midi player is so hard to adjust notes, I come from LPX which is way easier! I don’t know how to fix this.

Here’s how to reset it to its home staff: Resetting notes crossed to other staves

If you then want the B to belong to the top staff to be part of the triplet, see here: Moving notes/items to other staves

But I don’t want the B on the bass clef. I’d like the triplet to be all on the same staff and beamed. Any chance to do that?

Yes: reset the B so it’s no longer cross-staff, then move it so it belongs to the top staff. Instructions in the links in my previous reply, or you can post your project here and I can take a look.

I think your ‘triplet’ is actually the the semiquaver rest and the quaver D#. (It’s simplest to delete the 3 notes and re-enter them properly)

Stefano (@stefanomatteucci ), look if this helps:

Stefano3.dorico (606.6 KB)