Slurs and ledger line collisions

It would be nice to have an option for slurs to avoid collisions with multiple ledger lines, as you see in the better engravings (Henle, Ricordi, etc.).

My slurs never collide with ledger lines. Can you show a picture of your problem?

I fixed all of them manually, but here’s a quick cut and paste to show the original problem.

Is it possible, that your slurs are attached to the wrong voice?
There is a thread, just around two or three days ago on a similar topic: Help with slurs colliding with staccato dots

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I’m familiar with that thread, being the original poster that started it. The fix collisions thing didn’t help in this case.

In my opinion, the slurs on the upstem notes should be on the beam side, like Henle would do.

I have 4 editions of this piece, including Henle. All notate it as I have it here, including Henle. And I agree with them :slight_smile:

Hrumpf. I stand corrected, but to me it doesn’t look so good. Must be some editing black magic at work that is beyond my scope.

I just tried the fix collisions property again, and that did work. Not sure what I did wrong the first time. Thank you.

It looks much better without the collisions. String players like sweeping slurs. They are more
visible this way.