Slurs and Ties in Voices

The slur in bar 1 looks poor. Of course I can tweak this in engrave mode. But are there settings that the slur looks better without tweaking?

In bar 2 I want to have a tie from voice 1 to voice 2 as indicated through the red line. Is this possible?

Dorico does indeed support cross-voice ties - in your example you can select both the D’s in bar 2 (Ctrl/Cmd + click) and hit ‘t’ on the keyboard.

Wonderful, thanks!

The problem with the slur in bar 1 is not solved.

Today I had a similiar problem with this issue, see attached picture. The slurs in the top system are Dorico’s default, in the bottom system the slurs are tweaked in engrave mode. Again my question: is it possible to get a better default handling of slurs in voices? BTW … Sibelius can do it better!

You expected the program to be revised in two days?
For the time being, I expect what you see is what you get. As you said, you can adjust the slurs in engrave mode.

Have I said this? I only asked if there are settings to get better results.

Well, actually you said
“The problem with the slur in bar 1 is not solved.”

If I had any suggestions, I would share them; but I do not.

UMahnken, there are a lot of parameters under Engraving Options>Slurs. For the scenario in your Test17 pic, have a look under the section Endpoint Positioning/Stem side … try to adjust the Horizontal and especially Vertical offset … the latter will take a negative value as well, try it :slight_smile: In general, I would also investigate the settings under Avoiding Collisions, esp. for shoulder balance and ‘maximun distance to move endpoints’ …