Slurs and tucking index

Refer to this excerpt:

I have a very long running slur and I would have preferred the bar repeat counts and the dynamics to be under the slur. I am puzzled because there is an available tucking index property for the slur but it makes no difference what it is set to. How can I have the slur place itself above the other items? I hope there is a property. otherwise I have dozens and dozens of pages like this to edit manually.

Messages on this forum from years past seem to suggest the negative. But I still want to know why the tucking index makes no difference. Is it simply because only playing techniques participate in the tucking index and dynamics and bar repeats do not?

Here is some information about the tucking index properties in Dorico. They only really affect the vertical positions of slurs, octave lines, and tuplets relative to each other. Playing techniques have their own tucking index that affects their order relative to other playing techniques.

Thanks @Lillie_Harris I read that extensively. I could not see any mention of dynamics or numbered bar sections. So I suppose what that says by virtue of absence is that what I want has to be done manually. It’s somewhat annoying because Engrave mode does not provide cross hair sight lines when moving bar numbering objects (why not?) and so they don’t line up accurately and it looks ragged - and it’s really hard to visually get them all perfect in engrave mode.

I am loth to mention it but Lilypond allows you to specify the stacking order or tucking index, call it what you will, for all musical objects regardless of type. It would be great to see similar in Dorico. [I try my darnedest to avoid mentioning Lilypond… but my expectations have been formed in the Lilypond world, and it’s hard to forget!]

True, and I don’t know why, but there’s nothing to stop you from Cmd/Ctrl-clicking multiple bar region numbers (or selecting one and using Select More) and then shifting them all by the same amount simultaneously. If they’re not horizontally aligned in the first place (in your example they’re not), you may get better results setting their staff-relative position property to Below, then nudging them up above the stave manually.

That’s correct – I hope you’ll forgive us for not listing every other possible notation in Dorico on a page that describes something that only affects the three notations mentioned!

Engraving Options > Bar Repeats > Numbered Bar Regions > Align bar counts across width of system (here)