Slurs at the last note of a system

Hi all,

I’m entering this piece that contains a sixteenth note at the end of each bar, with a slur attached to it. While I’m happy with how I’ve configured my slurs (admittedly, it took me quite some time to figure out what the best settings were for me), however, at the end of a system the slurs look “twisted” and unnatural, as if it were too narrow. Sometimes the slurs are somewhat rotated. If an image is required, I can provide one.

I’ve already minimised the horizontal space between the slur and the end of the system.

How is the endpoint of the slur that starts at the last note of a system calculated vertically? Can this be tweaked independently of the regular endpoint calculations without adjusting the “regular” slur settings?

Sorry if I’ve missed the relevant topics.

(Also: I cannot stress enough how happy Dorico makes me, each and every day.)

Slurs at the ends of systems is a known situation which I’m sure is on the Development Team’s list of things to fix.

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The “Interpolate over system break” option, I find, work best sometimes on and sometimes off, depending on the particular project.!

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