Slurs between voices

Trying to slur between voice 1 and the next note in voice 2.
Select both notes.
Slur goes to next note in voice 1.

There must be a way.

Select the first note and then Ctrl+click the second note, and hit S. If that doesn’t work, please attach your project together with information about where the problem is occurring.

It won’t let me attach a Dorico file.
How to attach the project?

You can zip up the Dorico file, and attach the zip.

I want a slur in bar 10 between last bass F to whole note G in next bar.
When I select the F and Ctrl click on the G and press S it slurs to the next note in same voice as The F.
Not only that but I can neither Delete the slur nor Ctrl Z to remove it.
Flute Tchaikovsky (336 KB)

There’s a problem here, which I will ask the team to look into, but as a temporary workaround you can avoid changing voice between the F3 and the G3, which will allow you to create the desired slur. See attached.
Flute Tchaikovsky (338 KB)

Same problem here. I clicked on the D and CTRL-clicked on the top D whole note, but the slur went beyond that in the measure, The only way to get rid of the slur was to close the project without saving changes. Tried to use your work-around, but subsequent slurs prevented me from swapping the voices in the second measure (couldn’t get rid of the primary voice (rests) in the lefthand measure. Finally went to Engrave and stretched the slur to the D whole note.

One situation I find is that when I add a voice, the program does not automatically start by adding voice 2 if available but seems to want to cycle further through the voices each time I add. I’ll try to keep a more careful eye on this in the future and to force it to use voice 2 whenever I can.

I have a similar problem. Is there a key I need to press before choosing the second note in a slur between voices on a mac? it’s quite necessary to fix for me to ship the part to the musician… help?

Click on the first note; then CTRL-Click on the final note you want for the slur (presumably in the other voice) and then press “S” to draw the slur.

If for some reason that isn’t working as you would expect, matanr, please attach the project here with details of where you’re trying to create your slur, and we’ll take a look and see if we can figure out what might be up.