Slurs colliding with staff above

I’m having tremendous trouble with slur lines above staves colliding with dynamic instructions below staves.
slurs colliding.png
It seems to be related to me specifying the direction of slurs. I generally try to position slurs above the stave when I have long cresc. dim. lines. Dorico doesn’t agree (it often places slurs below the dynamics, which I don’t like in this case).

I’ve been manually fixing it by turning off ‘Slur Direction’ in the properties panel, but the staff spacing doesn’t seem to ‘stick’, and when I check back later, I’m getting collisions again.

I’ve not made massive alterations to page layout, and the staff spacing really isn’t tight at all. Grateful for some advice. Many thanks.


Have you switched off the options on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options to prevent Dorico from moving the staves further apart when needed? If so, try switching them back on. If not, please zip up the project and attach it here and I’ll take a look.

Thanks Daniel, I’ll try that.