Slurs comparison

I’m interested in the Dorico app and recently downloaded the 30-days demo.
When trying to import some guitar-music made in Sibelius as a xml-file, I noticed some differences regarding the default slur layout.
I’ve attached the same passage in sibelius and dorico for comparison:

While most features of the Dorico version is better and more easy to read, there seems to be room for improvement regarding the slurs.
In the dorico version the slurs doesn’t extend properly to the next note if the interval is greater than a fifth, but seems to be positioned with the same generic angle in relation to the noteheads.
Perhaps there is a way to adjust this globally?
Kind Regards,

Go to the Slurs page of Engraving Options and have a look at the ‘Avoiding Collisions’ section: in particular, you might want to try increasing the ‘Maximum angle for slurs’ option from the default 35 degrees to something larger, e.g. 45 or 50 degrees.