Slurs disappears when I change to grid

I had a percussion part on a full staff when I inserted a lot of slurs. When I was printing the part I changed to grid and then all my slurs disappeared. They are still there in the full score. Can I get them back in the part?

Unfortunately, some things don’t “transpose” well from one view to another, especially when 5-line-staff view is involved. I’m thinking dynamics here, mainly. What you could do is copy the slurs (using filter slurs) and try and copy that to the parts… but not very confident about the result.
NB: the behavior with dynamics may have changed since last time I’ve been bitten by it: I’ve been avoiding repeating this mistake since then and have not been too cautious about changes in that area in the different version histories, so take it with a grain of salt.

I actually copied a lot of slurs inside the 5-line-staff and sometimes they hooked on from the last one before, and sometimes not. So I will not take the trouble. It’s not a big thing anyway as the drummers will get to much to think about if there are slurs also. <:-)

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