Slurs & Fingerings...

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How can I keep fingerings together on either side of the slur? I THINK I’ve set the correct and relevant options… :wink:
Slurs & Fingerings 2.gif

The short answer is that you can’t.


Thanks for confirming it’s not me… I’ll find another way to make it look pretty!:wink:

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The long answer is that what Dorico is doing is standard for fingerings and slurs: the initial and final finger numbers are usually placed outside the slur, the rest inside. However, there are many exceptions because there are many factors involved in positioning fingering successfully.

Just to follow up on this:
I switched fingerings to appear on the OUTSIDE of slurs, and that fixed it up nicely! Makes ton of sense, since the musical instruction is now closer to the notes than the technical instruction, at least in this case… All good!

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