slurs from grace notes

Currently it seems as though slurs from grace notes to tied notes attach to the first note of the tied ones rather than the last as it should be. Other than adjusting the line in Engrave mode I cant seem to find a way to force it to the last note. It will connect to the next different note just fine.

here is the photo:
Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 10.39.38 AM.png

I believe your picture shows the conventional way of notating this. Slurs from grace notes attach to the first note of a tie chain.

There is an option on the Slurs page of Engraving Options, “Slur starting on grace note and ending on tied notes”, in the “Tied notes” section on that page, that allows you to change this behaviour.

I ran across this today. I didn’t know about this option. However, it looks that the option is originally meant to apply to slurs ending in a tied note that is immediately after the grace note. However, in the attached example, this applies also to the last tied note in the whole slur even having a bunch of notes in between, even if the exception doesn’t make sense here.
Captura de ecrã 2020-11-11, às 16.13.31.png

Indeed. There isn’t a separate Engraving Option to handle this more unusual situation. Thankfully slurs have properties for which end of a tie chain they should start and finish.

I too have hit a problem with the end of a slur going to the wrong note. In my case I am using Dorico Elements 3.5 and it’s a graced hammer on in a guitar piece. Is there any way of controlling the end position of the slur in Elements? I’m having to use MuseScore and it’s definitely not my preferred option.

If you can’t solve the problem by flipping the slur with F, then unfortunately you’re out of luck at the moment. However, I’m always thinking about where the functional divisions are between each of the products in the Dorico family, and in future versions of Dorico Elements we expect to introduce the “graphical editing” tool in Engrave mode, which will then allow you to drag things around as needed. There’s no timescale for a new Elements update at the moment, however.

Hi Daniel. Thanks for responding. Yeah, unfortunately flipping the slur doesn’t really work. When flipped the problem is compounded by the addition of right hand fingerings and the end of the slur is pushed upwards by the fingerings. With a downwards slur it ends on the wrong note in the score but is correct in the tab which is a bit confusing.

I too have had this problem in my most recent score. In pop vocal music, this is an increasingly popular way of notating, so it would be great to have the ability to slur from the beginning of a grace note to the end of a tie. Picture attached.
Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 11.20.21 AM.png

Ryan, you can already do this from the properties panel. Set the “End pos. in tie chain” to “Last note”.

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