Slurs in music production

Hello. I would love to know how to slur notes in music production. Not in scoring. Is it only available in upgraded versions?

Hi and welcome,

Yes, the full Symbols tab is available in Cubase Pro only.

I do not want to see notes. I want to be able to slur notes in music production (not scoring).

For example, let’s say I have a Violin. In Cubase AI9 music production, if I want to put notes, I can manually put C and E immediately next to each other. But I don’t want the violin to make an immediate change from C to E, but I want it to make a smooth transition from C to E, or what I understand is called, a “slur”.


Make sure there is no a gap between the MIDI notes (you can use Length > Legato in Cubase). In your violin library, use legato articulation.

If you want to emulate the finger slides from one note to other one (sorry, I don’t know, if this is named “slur”), you need a specific articulation in your violin library for it. Of course, you could use PitchBend to emulate it, but it will not sound realistic.