Slurs in staff lines, options?

The title doesn’t quite say it correctly.
I’d like to know if there’s an option for stopping Dorico from dipping too deeply into a staff with slur endpoints.
I couldn’t find one in the slur engraving options, or I don’t understand some of the available options there.

I’d like to, ideally, avoid a slur starting for example in the 1st space and going above the staff. This happens a lot in solo string writing where arpeggios go from below the staff (open string G, for example) to above the staff.
Dorico has the slur ends dip too deeply into the staff and it creates some unfortunately shaped slurs.

There certainly isn’t a setting for this currently. It’s the first I’m hearing of this preference. On the other hand, there have been many discussions of slur shapes in general on the forum.

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it isn’t so much that I’d like this look for all music, but when the notes go from very low below the staff to above the staff, it looks better when the slur is, at least partially, in the upper half of the staff, instead of trying to reach way down into ledger lines.

I’ve seen published scores where most of the slurs actually didn’t even go into the staff at all! Probably not my 1st choice either.

but it would be nice to have a few more options.

this is particularly problematic when the slur has to avoid accidentals, while in relatively tight spacing.

So true. And now that I see what you mean more clearly, yes, this a frequent issue with default slurs. I’m sure you can search for past discussions as well as I …

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