Slurs intersecting accidentals problem

I am not able to make working the feature that allows slurs to intersect accidentals. My engraving settings are:

And the result is this:
Am I doing something worng? Is there any other parameter that I could change? Thank you very much in advance!

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The endpoint above the first note makes it clear that at least some other settings in Engraving Options > Slurs are non-default. We can’t know which ones or what they’re set to without seeing a project.

Please upload a project with these settings.

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Thank you, pianoleo.
It is very strange… I have copied the same passage in a new document with the same engraving settings and it works correctly… The project in which it does not work was begun in Dorico 3 and updated to Dorico 4. Could it be the origin of the problem? Is there any way to solve this? Thanks again!

We need to take a look at your other slur settings. Again, please upload a project that exhibits the problem. Feel free to cut it down to just the relevant few bars.

Here you have it. Thanks!
slur-accidental-problem.dorico (682.1 KB)

This problem is specific to the 24-EDO accidentals used in your project, none of which seem to have cut-outs defined.

Fix those and your slurs will work correctly.

(And this is why we need to see the project - this was nothing to do with your original screenshot.)


Thank you for your fast answer, pianoleo! I didn’t know anything about cut-outs, sorry.
Following your instructions, I have added the cut-outs to my flats but nothing seems to change… For sure I am missing something but I don’t see it. I enclose the modified project. Thanks!
slur-accidental-problem 2.dorico (685.2 KB)

I’m afraid I don’t have the XPC fonts (are they yours?) and I can’t quite work out what the difference is between your accidentals and the factory default 24-EDO ones. The factory 24-EDO flat, double-flat and triple-flat accidentals do all interact correctly with slurs.

Hopefully someone with a bit more experience with microtonal accidentals in Dorico can get to the bottom of this.

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I think this is not about cut-outs but just that these engraving settings apply only to the accidentals in the built-in 12- and 24-EDO tonality systems. User-defined symbols (though they be the same glyphs) don’t get this treatment.

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Yes, I label everything that I change with my initials (XPC) to differentiate from default items. I think that I took the accidentals from Bravura symbols, though… not from any of my fonts. Thanks.

I get the point. I will try to make it work from the original set of accidentals. Thank you!

Yeah! I made my changes in the original set of accidentals and now they work correctly. In deed, it seems that Dorico does not consider the cut-outs of user-created sets of accidentals. Thank you both, @pianoleo and @Mark_Johnson for your help!

Glad you got it working. To clarify, the cut-outs are to help Dorico be able to tuck symbols up closer to each other (in chords, especially). They’re not related to those slur collision settings.

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OK, thanks!