Slurs over two staffs

is it possible to make a slur between a grace note and a normal note between two staffs?

Slice 1

Welcome to the forum! Do you mean across a system break? I haven’t tried it yet, but under Engraving Options–Slurs–Endpoint positioning, try checking this option:

@patrickpilz you are getting the same bug as I did 4 days ago:

The solution is probably to enter the grace note on the upper staff, then adding a slur between them, and then move it to the lower staff by pressing letter ‘m’.

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I already tried it. But then it deletes the slur.

Hi Dan,
I want to make a slur between the right and the left hand of a piano score.

You did not accidentally press cmd+m instead of just m?


Ahh yes. I pressed cmd + m. Now it’s working. Thanks to both of you.