Slurs played back as tremolos with VSL Solo Violins

I am using Dorico 4 Pro with the current VSL for Dorico expression maps. I have a short exercise that uses VSL Solo Strings. And I am using the VSL Solo Strings playback template. The the Solo Violin Basic Velocity VF sus patch plays the score correctly. But when I switch to using the Solo Violin FULL Velocity VF sus patch, suddenly Im hearing slurs played back as tremolos. What the heck is going on? :slight_smile:

Hi Tom, the point is: in the full version the keyswitches are different for many articulations compared the base version. That’s the reason that you get sometimes unexpected results, when you use the base expression map for the full version.
But I have made expression maps for the full version. I adapted the base versions and made new playing techniques. If you want, I can post these tomorrow in a Dorico file for you. I don’t say that they are perfect, it can be that you encounter mistakes, but perhaps they can help you.

Thank you mmka. I didnt know there were different expression maps for base and full choices. VSL made just one VSL for Dorico map download for Solo Strings. I would have thought it would include all the instrument choices in the Solo String library.
I would love to try your file out. How do we setup a download for it? What is the installation and uninstallation procedure?

Hi Tom, a little question: do you have a Windows computer or a Mac? For me important to know for the instructions.

I have a Mac Studio running on most recent version of Ventura.
By the way, I just heard from VSL and this is what they said…“the SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings expression maps for Dorico are prepared to work with the basic presets. If you use the playback template, these presets get loaded automatically. The expression maps don’t work correctly with the full presets. I recommend staying with the basic presets when working with Dorico.”

Hi Tom, unfortunately I’m not familiair at all with Mac. So I can’t help you with some aspects of the permanent installation of the expression maps I made.
But I can share the expression maps, I made, so you could give it a try, if you want.
An important question for you to ask yourself is: are the samples in the Basic Presets sufficient for me, or do I need the other samples as well.
I understand very well the advice of VSL, because they can’t give support to products, they didn’t produce themselves. And concerning their own products, in this case expression maps, they know these are well.
I checked my versions for the full libraries and found that the most don’t contain more samples, but only the customized key switches. Only Violin 1 has an extra expression map, containing among others the normal and the muted version, dynamic samples, and also other playing techniques. For that playing techniques I made my own Playing Techniques and Playback Techniques. To import them is possible but is a little bit cumbersome. But if you want, I can explain it to you. From a point of elegance they don’t deserve the grand price, but they are useful in making a good audio performance and it is possible to hide them, when you want to print the music.
So let me know what you should want.

It sounds like there is a minimal difference between what the basic and full maps have to offer. Since I like to keep things simple, I will pass on your maps. Thanks for the offer, though. :slight_smile:

OK :slightly_smiling_face:
Nice, that things have been cleared up for you.