Slurs Positioning For Different Voices

I have a piano vocal score with just two voices for each stave. To apply slurs I select bars in either the piano top or bottom staff then click the slur icon in the left panel.

In some cases the slurs are applied above the staff for the up-stem voice and below the staff for the down-stem voice, which is what I want. However, in some cases, the slurs are applied above the staff for both voices. This happens in bars where the staff spacing seems to be the same.

I know that I can select the slurs and change direction in the properties panel at the bottom of the screen but then some slurs are drawn through the stems of notes.

In a previous identical “testing” score the slurs were drawn exactly as I want by default without any additional tweaking but not in my new score. Is there some way I can set the slurs above the staff for up-stems and below the staff for down-stems without collisions with notes?


I think I’ve found the solution.

It seems that some of the down-stem notes in the piano top staff were, in fact, up-stem notes from the lower-staff. Changing these back to the second down-stem voice for the upper staff solved those bars I’ve so far “corrected”.

Now for the rest of the score. :blush: